My Wordpress website Layout Has been Broken

From my side (in a browser in incognito mode) the page looks good. And also the correct headers are set. Cache Hit, delivered from Frankfurt Germany. The site or page ist distributed by cf over the datacenters.

But The site or page should be distributed by cf over the datacenters. I have tested again in an incognito mode, and the same problem found. Please find out the reason?

Whats that?

Your site delivers a http 506.

There is massive content that cannot be loaded because of this http error. That is the reason while your site looks like ■■■■.
But for this error i’m out.

Search here in the forum for 506. There are some posts taht handle the problem.


error 506 is now fixed.

And your page looks good for me.
If i do some tests, i think, the behavior is as expected.
A first call of curl --request GET -I -H “Accept: text/html”

cf-ray: 5e27c029df7c05c4-FRA
cf-cache-status: DYNAMIC
x-via: speedwp/origin,miss

The second call of curl --request GET -I -H “Accept: text/html” delivers

cf-ray: 5e27c0913e781e47-FRA
cf-cache-status: HIT
x-via: speedwp/cache

So all fine.
Also the page looks not destroyed (because of missing css).
Also the mixed content (http in https page) problem has vanished.

So where you see any problems?

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