My wordpress website dont run using Cloudfare SSL

I have completed all the settings of CloudFair but my hosting company is not allowing my web site to be open. I sent ‍screen shots please help. it shows [ SSL is not enabled.

SSL is provided as a one-time billed addon to free accounts.

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Loknath Banik

Hi, looks like your hosting provider wants to charge you to enable SSL (I could be wrong, I never used that hosting). You could try disabling SSL at your hosting and keep SSL settings as flexible in Cloudflare. Not ideal but might work.

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No offence, but that is a not a good suggestion. Flexible is highly insecure. The OP should simply purchase the certificate or change host.

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No offense taken. Thank you for the advice. :slight_smile:

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Why flexible SSL mode is not the best choice has more on that

i wants to include ssl sertificate. now its blocks my wordpress website.
how i use other free hosting in cloudfare.

Just buy the certificate as the screenshot suggests or switch to a host who offers free certificates.

Please suggest me some free hosting service provider who give free ssl certificate…

Free + free is usually not necessarily quality. A search engine of your choice will provide you with that information.

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LetsEncrypt provides free domain SSL, and is usually included with all shared hosting providers nowadays. Some hosting providers have both this free SSL and also the traditional paid version SSLs. If you have a cPanel based hosting, just look for AutoSSL, and that should be the free version.

In terms of security, all types of free SSLs are same as paid ones… so don’t be forced to buy an SSL, simply because your host forces you to. That said, IMHO you should shift away from a free hosting provider, because they will have too many restrictions down the line.

Its easy to find hosts as cheap as $2 / mo. that have decent features.

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If I change my hosting how I configure it to cloudflaire. Because cloudflaire do not take name server its take only DNS record.

Many many thanks for your helpful information.
Loknath Banik

You just change the DNS records on Cloudflare and point them to the new IP address.