My wordpress site don't load theme file (css,js,fonts,icons) successfully

hi, i have free Cloudflare plan , and now i applied AliBaba CDN , but my wordpress site don’t load theme file (css,js,fonts,icons) successfully…

please help

It’s most likely a mixed content issue.

hi, thank you for reply …
i tried all Community Tip but still have this error … Alibaba Support say :

It seems that origin and CDN both are configured with HTTPS redirect. please remove the origin side redirect and test again.

but i changed this options to ((OFF)) :
Always Use HTTPS (OFF)
Automatic HTTPS Rewrites(OFF)

the HTTPS connection secure but when i changed "Always Use HTTPS " to (OFF) and “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites” to(OFF) become not fully secure
and the problem still exist.

Which SSL mode are you using? Full or Flexible?

When they say to remove redirects, they mean in your web server, not at Cloudflare.

mode is Full

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