My wordpress got malware


My wordpress website got malware, malware has infected both the web files and database and it keeps recurring.

Can Cloudflare help me do something to remove malware and somemore keep security threats away?


Probably not in the way that you’d like it to do. Cloudflare won’t disinfect infected systems nor give advice on how to deal with it.

Cloudflare can prevent a system from being compromised if the root of the attack comes from the outside (malicious requests), in those cases, the WAF might stop attacks that attempt to exploit the system.

If you have nulled plugins, poor coding practices or an overall unsafe system, no matter the plan you have with Cloudflare, you system will keep getting hacked.


Understood, thanks for your reply.
Does it mean, Cloudflare is already doing what it all can to protect my site already?
eg. provides free CDN, DNS… and something like this?


There are a few good plugins that can provide pretty decent security for WordPress itself.
Two of the more highly recommended are:

  • iThemes Security
  • Wordfence

They won’t by themselves provide total protection, but they are pretty good at preventing common attacks.
The most important thing to do is use a very strong password, as dictionary attacks are commonplace and relentless no matter what you do.

Does your provider have a back up of your WordPress Site?
We can help restore it if not. We host WordPress sites and utilize Immunize360 to protect your site as well as nightly backups.

Installing security plugin as Wordfence or iThemes Security is a good idea, BUT, before do that, try to restore backup older than first infection and then scan for malware outside WP files (Wordfence does this with some extra settings).

Only updating WP components would not be the only solution.

Some developers buy hacked and paid themes for almost nothing and, in this case, most of these themes are prepared to be hacked on purpose or have a lot of security breaches. Use a good and free theme instead.

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