My WordPress Blog Sends Me Daily SSL Error Emails When Connected to Cloudflare

I recently removed my blog (s) ( & two more from Cloudflare because its SSL Certificate stopped working after 2 weeks and also I used to receive multiple emails regarding the SSL Error. I did not know about the issue so I contacted my local hosting provider. They told me to update the IP in my DNS which is pointing to a new different location in my Cloudflare account so I updated them in the account as well with the one my hosting provider gave me.

But still, it did not work for me. Here’s a quick chat with my hosting provider. Please help me with this:

Now I have removed the blogs from my CloudFlare account because I used to receive daily error emails regarding the issue.

So do I need to ask for a unique IP from Cloudflare after I setup my blog on it or what changes do I need to make after adding my blog to Cloudflare? I already update the Cloudflare DNS with my existing DNS.

AutoSSL isn’t very accommodating when it comes to proxied domains. The cPanel I use isn’t so picky, but HosterPK’s message implies that if you don’t use their IP address in public DNS, they won’t generate a certificate for your domain.

You’d be much better off disabling AutoSSL and use cPanel to manually install a Cloudflare Origin Certificate:

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