my wi-fi stayed slow


my wi-fi stayed slow


Cloudflare DNS doesn’t impact the speed of your wifi or network connection, it only has the (potential) ability to improve the response time when your machine is resolving the DNS names of websites and offers a more privacy centric service than most resolvers.

Unfortunately we don’t have a magic bullet for slow wifi (yet).

with this DNS the computer was great, but the cell phone was without wi-fi connection, you know why?


Pardon? I don’t understand the question :thinking:

DNS has nothing to do with your WiFi connection or quality and it’s connected (or not) devices.

DNS resolves a domain ( for example) into an IP address. Some DNS servers do this in 25ms, others in 47ms. Cloudflare does this in about 1.5 ms.

As @cscharff wrote. It decreases the time until your computer gets the servers IP. Once resolved, DNS does nothing more to your internet connection.


thanks for the answers, and congratulations on I live in Brazil, how do I put DNS on my router? any router to use DNS . the question I asked is that when I put DNS on my router, I missed the wi-fi connection, but the computer got EXCELLENT, super fast! I returned with the normal DNS ai the wi-fi connection works again, can you explain why? every kind of router works or DNS my internet is fiber optic and my router is D-link, you know?


You would have to search for specific instructions on your exact router type. Not every router is the same, unfortunately.