My Wesite Is not changed to https

My Website Is not changed to HTTPS. i already wait 24 hrs.

My site:

It’s Done :white_check_mark: It’s working fine for me in HTTPS

It’s Automatically redirects from HTTP to HTTPS

Please confirm in your end is it working ? Or no

But It’s not working for me still now

Can you share a screenshot ?

Here’s what i see


Please try from another browser

same response from another browser

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It is working fine i even tried to take screenshot from


if windows : ifconfig /flush
or change your ISP DNS to or something else

if you understand htaccess you can put http forward to https
you can set your CF to force always use https

No :astonished: . It’s working fine isn’t working for you also ?

but why its not working for me?

me too
i dont see anything failure for @piebiesite website

it’s only about cache…

follow my post

I really don’t know
Sorry :neutral_face:

But yes as @MyIDKaTePe said that might be a caching issue

it’s not caching issue because it’s also not work on my mobile

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Please wait while any other person to respond :cowboy_hat_face: . It’s weekend so please wait

just try to change your PC DNS to or opendns or otherdns then flush DNS

i bet your smartphone connected to same WIFII as like your Desktop PC

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yes i use mobile hotspot on my pc


JUST FOLLOW my step procedure than i mention above

@piebiesite You’re not wrong, indeed it is not working. At present your DNS for is not :orange: Proxied. Your origin IP is being exposed as

Can you please send a screenshot of your DNS page from the Cloudflare Dashboard, and also a screenshot of your SSL/TLS page from the Cloudflare Dashboard.