My Wesbites not Meet Core Web Vitals Still Any Solution?

Am using Free Cloudflare only for my three websites of, and all of these Core Web Vitals not matching on google page speed score.

Is there any services i need to activated? Any recommended

Needed for boost website speed and performance

Cloudflare does not generally promise better Core Web Vitals, so this in general is not a Cloudflare issue, all systems are working fine. That’s why this forum in general is the wrong place to get general help for web questions. It is there to support Cloudflare products, if they don’t work as expected you can get free support here.

To understand how to improve your Core Web Vitals you have to understand where the problems stems from. What is causing a bad score?

Mostly things can be split into these sections:

  1. backend performance (speed, TTFB)
  2. frontend performance (optimization)
  3. not used best practices

Please analyse your page and find out what it is.

If it is case 1. then I would recommend using APO, in all other cases it is not related to Cloudflare and must be fixed by yourself.

Just so you know, there is no simple “do this and all problems are fixed” solution … yet.

Thanks for the clarification.

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