My website's transfer speed decreases when using a proxy.

When I use a proxy to download or upload data from my website, the speed is only 1mb/s. However, when I use “DNS only,” the speed can reach 50mb/s. I noticed that when transferring files, the Cloudflare server seems to be in the United States. Since I live in Taiwan and my server is also located here, I wonder if the files are being transferred to the U.S. and then back to Taiwan, causing the speed to decrease? Or is there some other issue causing this?

In any case, is there anyone who can help me resolve this issue? I hope to achieve high-speed file transfers without exposing my IP on the public network.

First of all, could you please check if it’s cached on Cloudflare? You can take a look at Default Cache Behavior · Cloudflare Cache (CDN) docs to see that is cached and what is not cached by default on Cloudflare. And you can create a Cache Rules to override the cache default.

Secondly, Cloudflare uses Anycast technology, which means that our IP addresses point to many servers. We currently have 310+ data centers worldwide, which all serve your site and DNS. The requests will be route to different data centers, not some fixed data centers. Visitors will typically reach the data center closest to them which makes our network very fast: See You can read more about Anycast here and here.

In some case, when the closest data center is under heavier load or unavailable, we may manually route the traffic to other datacenters to maintain the performance of your website. The benefits of Anycast network is that if many requests are made simultaneously to the same server, the server may become overwhelmed with traffic and be unable to respond efficiently to additional incoming requests. With an Anycast network, instead of one origin server taking the brunt of the traffic, the load can also be spread across other available data centers, each of which will have servers capable of processing and responding to the incoming request. This routing method can prevent an origin server from extending capacity and avoids service interruptions to clients requesting content from the origin server. You can read more at What is Anycast?.

Cloudflare is an anycast network, so where you are routed is determined by peering with ISPs. The shortest path geographically isn’t always possible due to peering agreements. You can read more at Cloudflare Peering Portal - Beta and Bandwidth Costs Around the World.