My website's SSL is not secure

so… now I finished setup my website’s DNS .
I eventually can get to my website.
But when I got to my website I saw the is not secure.
And also how to change the favicon (I am using freenom’s domain and nicepage website maker)

My website

Was your website using HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare?

no? I get https after i used cloudflare

Hi @yangyong080228,

Firstly, for your website to be secure, you need to get it working with HTTPS before adding it to Cloudflare, or install a Cloudflare Origin Certificate on the server.

It doesn’t seem like that site is even using Cloudflare at the moment, but it definitely doesn’t have working HTTPS.

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how idk

Your host should be able to provide an SSL certificate so your site can be secure with HTTPS.

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