My website's sales through Paypal dropped to zero after enabling Cloudflare proxy. Please suggest

My website’s sales through Paypal dropped to zero after enabling Cloudflare proxy (orange cloud).
Please suggest which cloudflare settings to turn off.

Does PayPal still work/load correctly on the website?

I checked in sandbox mode, and it is working properly.
Have not checked in live mode.

That’s not how things work: you don’t turn things ON/OFF willy-nilly like that. You begin by first identifying exactly what the error is, if there’s even any error at all. Then you can pursue a particular course of action, depending on the error identified.

What specific problem are your customers reporting to you?

This is where you need to begin. Try to place an order yourself on the live site (live mode) as a visitor would. Then gather as much information as you can. What specific problem or error messages do you see:

– On the site (as a user placing an order)?
– In your e-commerce app and server logs?
– In your PayPal account’s API logs? Any failed transactions should be logged in your PayPal account, unless the PayPal option does not even appear to be selected at all.


Thanks a lot,
I will check.

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