My website's not working anymore, DNS problems with Cloudflare?

Hello everyone, I’m pretty new to cloudflare and I thought I configured everything right, but my website doesn’t work anymore. My website is
I opened a ticket with my server hosting service and they answered this:

Dear Customer,

The problem lies in the fact that shortly after the move you changed the NS on Cloudflare.

To restore the visibility of the site and the ftp connection, you will have to set the correct DNS.

Must set 3 A records, one with www and IP host, another with empty host and ip

The third instead with ftp host and IP

If you are unable to make these changes, please contact Cloudflare support.

We remain available.

I’m not an expert, I thought I did it but it doesn’t work. Also, it’s impossible to set an empty host in Cloudflare as they ask me to do. What can I do to solve the problem, please?

Can you post a screenshot of your Cloudflare DNS records?

Also, a request to that IP address sends a redirect to “/shop” on HTTP (not secure) and then only shows a blank page.

ok, I hope this helps. The Aruba hosting provider told me to delete any other record with www, fpt or black host. So I did it. The website is still down not only according to me, but according to too. The redirect you find in the root is ok, it’s how it’s intended to work.

Instead of blank enter “@”. Though you already have that record anyhow -> 2nd
Also, you still seem to have old addresses configured as well. You need to remove them

But this still does not change the fact the server itself does not return anything.

Ok, how do I clean old addresses / ask Cloudflare to refresh everything, if that’s the problem? Seems like everything started because my hosting provider moved my website from one server to another

Remove all duplicates and make sure your new address shows up where the previous one was.

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