My website's Images are not showing!

I just integrated into cloudflare but since I have integrated, my website’s images have not been showing.

What should I do please???

What’s the domain?

Plus Did the domain work before :smile:


The domain is and yes it worked before.

Please is anybody here that can help me out???

If your server’s IP address ends in .239, your images don’t load direct from the server, either.

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So what am I to do to have my website running perfectly?

Let’s break this issue down into its components:

  1. not a Cloudflare issue (as proven by @sdayman)
  1. no, apparently it did not.
  2. I see empty img & picture tags:

That’s a problem on your origin, not even “lazyload-image-urls” are set. There is no way Cloudflare broke that, therefore Cloudflare is the wrong address to fix it. Problems must be fixed by their roots.

See what you have done to break it and try to revert it. Since no one knows what configured on your origin, no one can give any specific advice and the info you are providing are not reliable, as it seems.

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