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My website is being redirected to phishing website on phone browser. In Cloudflare I could see new dns added for redirection. I have removed it. But still it’s getting redirected. Please help

Are you saying your Cloudflare DNS settings have been hacked? If so, then change your API, your password, and make sure you have Two-Factor authorization enabled for your account.

There’s also a Mobile Redirect in Cloudflare’s Speed settings page near the bottom.

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Please follow the above steps first before you do anything else and confirm.
This is a security issue!

If your password and/or API keys were leaked or hacked they will redo the changes whenever they want. If you use a Cloudflare plug-in on your website (WordPress for example) or the control panel you should also change the passwords there.

.htaccess is located on your server. Since they are redirecting mobiles you should search within the www root or the according subdirectory for mobile pages if you suspect they are redirecting users via .htaccess

If they were able to place or edit files on your server you should be bothered about your server’s or account security as well.

Maybe you’re still redirected because it’s cached within DNS. Depending on the TTL that was set for the DNS record.

Where do I find cpanel for cloudfare?? Because . htaccess file is located in cpanel.

Can you please be more precise?

You wrote that you found DNS records on Cloudflare so I guess you know where to login? :thinking:

Or it seems I can’t follow :frowning:

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