My website works with WWW upfront but not without it

I am trying to host my static HTML website on Google Cloud Storage. I followed thier own guide and I was able to set it all up to make it work on their side.

To point the domain to GCP Storage I am using
Type: CNAME ; Name “www” Content:
With this settings I am can access my website by typing but if I type the address without www up front it does not work.

If I try to set up the CNAME to “@” I am getting a message that the CNAME record is being flattened and the website does not work at all.

Can anyone help me? What am I doing wrong?

It’s easier to just forward non-www over to www:

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Yes, that is easier and it did work. I guess I don’t understand how CNAME really works and why wouldn’t it allow the root setting to take care of both cases.
Thank you for your support on this and a quick reply.

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