My website won't work after using cloudflare

We website after using cloudflair it will not load it will only say address could not be found. Diagnosing the problem.
Please help

If you’re comfortable with it, could you post your domain? It would help with finding the exact issue. Otherwise, a screenshot of this error would also help.

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It’s the .ml one they mentioned.

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My bad, didn’t see it as it wasn’t a hyperlink.

It looks like your registrar doesn’t have Cloudflare nameservers set up.

$ whois

   Domain Nameservers:

See below for an example on how to set your nameservers to Cloudflare in Freenom - you need to use the nameservers Cloudflare is showing to you on the Cloudflare dashboard, not the ones in the screenshot.


Hi I have already changed the nameservers 2 days ago it still won’t work today

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do at this end until that update goes through.

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Your site does seem like it’s stuck somewhere. The ml nameservers seem to not have any info on the nameservers for your domain:

$  dig NS

status: NXDOMAIN

You’re going to have to talk to freenom about this as it seems it’s broken, either on freenom’s side or the ml registry’s side.


Oh can you please tell me when the update will be out?

I have tried with other domains like and and both don’t work now please tell me what is happening

Those all look like they’re on Freenom. As I said, we can’t help until Freenom fixes the problem with your name server entries in the Registry. You will have to get help from Freenom.

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Ok but thank you for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

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