My Website won't load when Cloudflare CDN is enable

Hello everyone, my website is having a problem where it will not load when Cloudflare CDN is enable. When I type my website URL nothing happens and will then say the connection timed out. The problem is that this issue happens randomly as the website might work sometimes then this will happened. But as soon as a Purge all caches on Cloudflare, my website will start to work normally, any ideas on what is happening please?

Hello there,

Did you try loading while pausing Cloudflare?

Do you see any error code along with connection time out?

Yes my website works fine when Cloudflare is disable

There was no error code

The thing that I don’t understand is how the website works fine when i Purge all the caches on Cloudflare,do you have any suggestions please?

Well… it could be due to certain set behaviour & settings. May I suggest you to have a glance on these docs?

The best practices to have:

More on the same, you can read here:

The error connection time out can have other implications pointing to certain error code. You can read this #tutorial

For more answers & queries, you can always :search: in the forum.

I’m gonna check those and get back to you, thank you.

Hello sorry for the really late response, I checked all those and everything seems to be in order. What I can’t understand with this problem is why it will occur at random, sometimes when I type my URL in the search bar it would work and sometimes it will not work or take really really long to load and Purging all the caches on Cloudflare would resolve it instantly, my website speed is really good and I’ve even test while Cloudflare CDN is activated and It’s even better. So what can cause this issue or maybe I didn’t check it correctly, do you have any more suggestions please?

Thanks for the update.

I assume you’ve followed the document well and applied the necessary tweaks for the better performance.

As of this, the article is already posted above. Indeed, it can be a failure in connecting to webserver or could be any. So, obviously, it can be random. You may read the #tutorial again.

You may monitor the site using either opensource or paid monitoring service. Here are a few of them as I know.

UPDATE : My website now load if you have a internet connection of at least 100mbps and take up to 25 seconds to load but it will load in the end. Purging the caches would make it load instantly on any network speed from bad connection to good connection. But the problem is that I’ve never got an Error code to really know what’s the issue. I’m gonna use one of the services you stated to monitor it in the meantime

I am not sure if I’ve done the test on my website correctly, do you have any other tutorials? ( and also what results should I get and also where should I check )

I may suggest you to check #CommunityTip or #tutorial at any time or for any query, you may :search: in the forum.

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