My website wont load anymore and i don’t know how to fix it

My website got a ton of requests yesterday and I got ”rate limited” then I also received error 500 and now the website wont load anymore (sometimes it will, but mostly not) its been like this for almost a day and I don’t know how to fix it.

Could you show an image of the error you’re receiving? It sounds like that error is coming from your origin, not Cloudflare

2021-05-08 08_16_45-Greenshot

ive received so many different errors, but from my analytics tab I can tell my website is being raided by a lot of traffic, someone is trying to keep the website offline. A lot of threats which has overloaded the whole thing and I dont know what to do to stop the traffic raiding/attack.

In that case I would suggest turning on the “I’m under attack mode”, then you should look through your Firewall events and try to find something unique to the attack traffic, and block that

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