My website with www version showing expired ssl certificate

my website with www version showing expired ssl certificate. showing new ssl. but showing expired ssl. please solve this issue. you can check here SSL Certificate Checker - Diagnostic Tool |

That looks like a bug to me.

You can try and force a redeployment of the certificates by changing the minimum TLS version to TLS 1.2.

I did. But still not working.

What to do now? :pensive: I disabled cloudflare temporary. Beacuse i am loosing traffic.

You should log a ticket with support. Please post the ticket reference here.

You can try disabling/enabling Universal SSL to force a new cert to be issued. Using the link I posted earlier, go to the bottom of that page and click Disable Universal SSL. Wait 10 minutes, then click that button again to Enable Universal SSL. This should re-issue a new certificate.

As you are no longer :orange: it should be safe to do this.


I tried this many time before.Not working. I think it is a cloudflare system bug. I am already contacted with support team. But they are telling me to post in the cloudflare community. My ticket number is: 2159157

I can see that the www cert is only valid for:

The other cert is valid for the usual group of domains: 

Were you previously on a partial setup, or using a provider like Shopify or Kajabi for www?

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When you contact support they will send you an automated email. Make sure you read and reply to that email.

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I’ve used Cloudflare before. Then I deleted the property and created new one. This old expired certificate from deleted property.

Yes i replied that email. And they send me this. Same bot message.

As you deleted the old property, I expect you need a Cloudflare engineer to resolve, which will probably be no sooner than tomorrow.

You could try and purchase an Advanced Certificate if you cannot wait. Based on, the ACM cert might take priority.

Cc @cloonan

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I need help. Still no solution.

@MoreHelp Please help me.

Can you paste in the last response from Support on Ticket #2159157?

I Didn’t understand. What to paste?

What’s the last thing Support told you on your ticket?

See this.

Hi there!

I’m currently having a look at this as @domjh tagged me. Indeed I can see a different (expired) certificate being delivered on the www of your site. Depending on what I find, we may need to escalate this to our engineering team or maybe a quick manual redeploy is all it needs.

I’ll also reply on the ticket and put it on a higher priority.

Hope that helps :+1:


Thanks. I’m waiting for the solution

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