My website, with GoDaddy webhosting and Cloudflare's SSL/TSL, is not accessible using mobile data

My website hosted on GoDaddy with Cloudflare SSL/TSL isn’t accessible via mobile data. While it works fine on Wi-Fi, mobile users encounter difficulties using mobile data but no problem when Wi-Fi. I’ve checked configurations on both platforms but found no solution. Any insights or fixes for this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Hi there,

Curious, do you experience the problem via a certain mobile network, or is it all mobile networks worldwide?

If it’s a specific mobile network, then that would point to a problem with that network/region - possibly some sort of filtering either based at the ISP/Country level, which there is little that can be done to avoid on Cloudflare.

If you are seeing mobile traffic affected globally, that would be strange that it is only mobile. Would you be willing to share your domain, so we can do some testing?


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