My website was working .. but now its not

when i try to enter my domain ( ) from my browser it show ( Server Not Found ) , also it was working for the last few hours after i have added dns to my domain in Godaddy Cpanel and i didn’t make any changes after that

i contacted Godaddy to see the problem and they said : The ip address needs to be UPDATED by Cloudflare and Goddady service is ok and they told me to contact Cloudflare … i really did ,but got no responce for 24 hours … Help me please my website is getting away from google search results

A “dig” for your IP address turns up nothing. Check your DNS tab for IP addresses set for your domain and the www version. I suspect they’re missing.

i got the same problem

Did you check your DNS entries here? Without more info, that’s all I can suggest.

i’m using Cloudflare to REDIRECT 301 to another domain

You’re really not giving us much to go on. How about starting with:

  1. What action triggers the behavior
  2. What error/result are you seeing
  3. What have you tried?

The more info, the better, such as what URL are you trying, and what URL it’s supposed to redirect to.

i’m the owner of the topic … just changes the email to get new DNS

1. What action triggers the behavior?

i’m using 301 redirect

  1. What error/result are you seeing?

server not found … godaddy said that ip needs to be updated

  1. What have you tried?

at the first time i linked between my domain and Cloudflare and everything was ok and 301 redirect was working correctly but the next day i found that redirect is not working and my domain get server not found of firefox browser

i tried to make 3 accounts on Cloudflare to get new DNS but northing solved


Can you post a screenshot of your entire DNS screen from Cloudflare? I’d like to see the DNS entries and the Cloudflare Nameservers section.

Can you also post a screenshot of your Page Rules?


What does A ,Cname or any other DNS records important for if its just a redirect 301 ???


Ah, I get it. Yes, you need some sort of A record place holder so visitors know to go to Cloudflare to get that redirect. That place holder can be anything since the redirect will take over before visitors are sent to that place holder IP address.

Create an A record with an IP address of (that’s Google…again, visitors will never get that far). Then set that entry to :orange:. Now Page Rules will take effect.

You also need to update your page rule to match * (take out that period between the * and programmsss. That way it will match http, https, www.programsss and just programsss

I do this same exact thing to redirect visitors from an old domain to a new domain. It looks like you’re doing the same to redirect sss to ssss.

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DNS Record was blogger and the problem happened

DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004): This DNS record cannot be proxied - click the cloud icon to turn it gray to proceed (Code: 9041)

i don’t understand … Could i give you me login details and solve it for me please … give me your email to send login details

I’m getting destroyed :(:disappointed_relieved::sleepy::sweat:

Nearly any random IP address should work. How about the same IP address that hosts programssss:

And there should be a www record as well. Your entries should look like:

Definitely don’t :grey: that entry. You need :orange: for the redirect to work.

Edit your page rule. Copy the text below and put it into your matching text box:


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Hey Hey Hey its worked ,But without WWW is ok isNOT ok is ok isNOT ok

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The www is working for me. It probably needs time for DNS to propagate.

For example, no www is working for you, but it’s still sending me to Google because my DNS hasn’t caught up yet.

Give it time.

are you sure ?

Yes. The * means anything before will match. Even

It’s all working for me now:

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thats right … now its fixed thank you

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You’re most welcome. :slight_smile: