My website was hosted by Cloudfare. But my website manager died. How do i restore it?

I am the owner (on Whois) of a website. Unfortunately the manager of this website died a few months ago and I have now traced the hosting of my website to Cloudfare. Unfortunately my website stopped working last week. probably because the payemnts also stopped. So how can I restore the hosting? My name is on Whois and I have the url registered with IONOS. I have tried raising a ticket with Cloudfare support but their system rejects it as they say I have to be the cloudfare account manager. But he is sadly dead…

HI @trevorc this same issue has come up on this site before. There are not a lot of options, Cloudflare can only work with the account holder directly. If you cannot recover the login/take over the email address in order to recover the password, you’ll have no option but to move the domain to an account you can control, like the one you are using here. +Add the zone, then contact your registrar to change the namerservers. But, best bet would be to try and recover access as recreating the configuration will be a lot of work.

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