My website was hijacked on CF? Something weird happened?

Hi! I have used Cloudflare for my website for years and it functioned well. While serveral days ago, my website was strangely hijacked in China mainland, which appeared that when I access my website such as ‘’, what showed was not my website, but a weird ‘certificate security error’ notifiaction. When I access my website ignoring the warning, I acess a website that was used for advertisement.
This serious and weird problem only happens when my traffic go through CF server. And seems it only occured in China mainland temporaryly. I have tried to DELETE my DNS record and PURGE everything from my cache, but the bad problem still exists. It exists on all my subdomain via CF server.

My situation here is that my DNS record are set up correctly, and they have resolved to a Cloudflare IP.

What happens to me is the browser show a certificate error and when I ignore it, it show a website that totally not mine.

I have check the IP from browser panel, I think this is nothing deal with DNS.

This problem occurs on EVERY client in China mainland.

And this problems have happened since the interupt of CF several days ago.I am thinking whether that I interrupt had caused something.

If you have any idea, feel free to contact me!
I have contacted official support team serveral times, but got no response…

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