My website videos blocked by cloudflare

Hi guys. I really need your help. I have a tube website where people can upload videos. The videos are hosted in the same server as my website ( I want it this way ). I used cloudflare free plan to proxy my website. The videos on my website stopped playing and shows a message stating that “streaming videos from cloudflare’s basic service is in violation of the terms of service”.

I upgraded the plan to pro ( $20 per month ), hoping this would solve the problem. But I was wrong. Please, how can I use my video sharing website on cloudflare without violating cloudflare’s terms of service? is there any way i can tell cloudflare not to proxy url like videos_are_here/ ?

Hi @lloydbalogun,

To host and serve your videos at Cloudflare, you would need Stream → Cloudflare Stream | Video streaming made easy and affordable at scale | Cloudflare

To bypass Cloudflare with your video context, you will need to serve it through a separate unproxied (:grey:) hostname.

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Hi. Thanks for your reply. Your second option does not seem to work for me. I have a video page url:

This video is hosted on a subdomain:

The first url is blocked by cloudflare even though it was hosted in the subdomain which plays fine since i have disabled cloudflare proxy on the subdomain

How can solve this problem please ?

That first link looks like it’s still loading the video from the main site’s hostname. If you open up your site’s Dev Tools and check the Network tab, that should let you know for sure where that video is being called from.

The video url is encrypted. The real url be viewed using site’s dev tool ( as you mentioned ) view the source and yes the url loads from the site’s sub domain ( 100% sure )

If that video source is on a subdomain that’s not proxied, then there’s no way Cloudflare can replace that content with a Violation message.

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