My website tab says "Not Secure" after 24 hours

Hi Community,
I switched my DNS records successfully to Cloufflare yesterday, and I’m now “Active.” However, my website, built through Mozello, still has no “padlock” and it says “Not Secure.” Please explain. Thank you very much! Here’s my URL:

Was it showing as secure before you added it to Cloudflare?

No. I’ve always seen “Not Secure” and still do - and I’ve waited 24 hours. Thank you!!!

You have mixed content for sure

That’s why. If your site wasn’t secure before Cloudflare, it won’t be secure now. The server needs a security certificate. Cloudflare can provide one for your origin:

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Is it possible that only I am seeing “Not Secure” because I am the admin of my own website, but when visitors come to it, they see “the padlock”?? - Michael

Wow! Thank you. Why didn’t they tell me this???

Ok just post full URL you accessing that shows not secure , there can be few things going on

Thank you !!!

It’s right there in the diagram for Flexible SSL. Cloudflare is secured, but your server is not:

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Ok try this , you may want to enable redirection if you want whole site to be ssl enabled you may do it for subdomain or whole domain as well depending on your setup

Amazing. I have the padlock with your link. But I’m a novice… what’s next? Do I get a certificate through cloudflare? or do i change my DNS records? Again, I’m a total beginner. Thank you.

thank you… click on this link - - now it’s okay. What happened?

Hi, I went thru the steps to get the CA origin certificate about 10 mins ago. I also switched to Full (strict). How long before i get my “padlock” symbol. Also, what do I do with those immense .pem and .key copy and pastes? That was really confusing. Wow! MANY THANKS!

That’s Step 2 in the instructions I posted.

So sorry, not as smart as you. I made my site with Mozello. I don’t know how to reach my “origin server”?

It appears that Mozello doesn’t offer secure sites, so I’m not sure why you’re using them if you want HTTPS.

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Thank you, brother, very interesting comment! When I finished my site with Mozello, they directed me to Cloudflare for security and performance. Never a mention of that. I need a site where my visitors are welcomed and feel okay being there, ie, the padlock. If you can suggest something, I’d appreciate it. Take care - Michael An’gileo

I’m curious about their instructions. What happens when you Click Settings > Security > Enable Cloudflare and HTTPS in your account there? Can you post a screenshot?


Here’s what is says under “Security” - Cloudflare and HTTPS are enabled
Could not do a screenshot, hope that suffices. Thank you!!!
Also says it could take 48 hours.
I already ordered the CA origin certificate (per your advice), hope that was the right thing to do. I am “strict” mode now too.