My website suddenly acting extremely slow

Just out of nowhere my site screeched to a crawl. I tested it by downloading a 800Mb file and it estimated 5 hours. I changed nothing and it just started to happen out of nowhere when people were reporting to me that they couldn’t get on my site.

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Yes, also experiencing extremely slow speeds with Cloudflare suddenly.

Can you each share more information?

There’s no more information really… Site was working normally until I got notified by a friend that they couldn’t get on. I checked it and I couldn’t get it to load either.

I changed nothing in cloudflare to cause this. Bypassing cloudflare completely by changing my nameservers back to default brings the speed up to line speed.

I deleted the site in cloudflare and added it again. Same result.

It was never like this before. Transfer speed with a test file just now is 60KB/s download.

My assumption is that cloudflare is throttling me. It also coincides exactly with an email from cloudflare saying I’ve used 160gb of data but not saying anything about throttling.

Can you share