My website stop working after changing nameserver to cloudflare


my website stop working after changing nameserver to cloudflare why is that ?




My site Branex.AE is also suffering with this same issue any one has solution how we can solve this.


is working. For me.

Please add a detailed error description @davidfco.pozo @laurenferling


My domain is, help me please :sob:


I just changed server names for cloudflare one and website is down afterwords


There’s no dns record set. Make sure to point your domain to the IP of your hosting.


Ok, let me try, I’ll let you know ASAP


I just did it, does it take some time to take effect? Because nothing changes


No it came back up, but it comes up as if you cached the website, I’m not sure if I’m being explicit enough, but here’s the screen shot


I found a fix, for anybody using Infinityfree hosting, you need to
1- change servername to cloudflare
2- set a CNAME with “@” as name and your “Main Domain” as the value (Don’t use the IP address since it’s the FTP’s server IP address and not the actual website’s)
3- set another CNAME “WWW” and “@” as value
4- Go to Crypto area, set Full SSL and enable “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites”

That fixed my issue !


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