My website still won't work. What can I do?

I have website
This website still can not work until now. I ask my provider hosting and do like they said. But its still can not work. They told me to ask Cloudflare support. Because i want make redirect from to

Someone please help me to find the solution of my case.
Thank you


Your site seems to be causing a redirect loop.

Do you have Flexible SSL enabled?

Your .asia redirects to your .net, and your .net redirects to .asia

You need to remove the redirect on the .asia domain

I dont have flexible SSL…
Until now, my website still not work

I remove already my .asia domain
But still can not work the domain…
What happen with this?

Now my website between .asia and .net can not open. Is it because of the .htaccess?

Now can work already, but i want to redirect .net to .asia
But .asia always redirect to .net
Where i can find to all domain to redirect to .asia?

Sorry, not participating in getting a site online promoting cockfighting :man_shrugging:

https:// sabungayam7777. com/sabung-ayam-online-s128/

Okay thank you

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