My Website still shows unsecure after configuring

My website still shows it is unsecure after configuring it.

No Padlock result:

I tried changing TLS to 1.3 also but still the same.

Can anyone let me know how to fix this


Works just fine for me, could it be that you are still connecting to your server directly (which should still have a valid certificate, btw, regardless of Cloudflare being in front or not) because of some caching issues on your network or device at the DNS level?

Have you tried changing network and/or device?

Hi, Thanks for your reply. I tried it in my mobile and it is working fine but on my Laptop using the same internet connection from my mobile via tethering, it still shows not secure.

Other person who tried acccessing gave him an error “this connection is not private”. after this error i changed TLS to default

You need to leave at least (and is now recommended to leave it there) TLS 1.2 as a minimum, there may be a cache of the DNS somewhere, but having TLS 1.3 as minimum is going to cause issue today, it may not someday in the future, but those issues may have been related to that.

Ok, i will set it to 1.2 and see. i will try to clear cache from my hosting cpanel once and check

The cache won’t be on the server, but on the actual device you are using, normally it’s the DNS cache in the OS or the browser.

Hey, Thanks. I tried in Incognito mode on Chrome. Working fine. Thanks.

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