My website still not secure


Its the first time i use Cloudflare to secure my website

I sign up for a free account, i submit my wordpress website ( and follow the given procedure, but my website is still not secure. Cloudflare give me this message:

‘‘Great news! Cloudflare is now protecting your site Here are some commonly used options to review’’

i host my website on and i have changed the nameservers correctly

i haven’t yet made any modifications to wordpress

i tried to get a certificate via the without success so i deleted the ssl form and found cloudflare any suggestions?

p.s. the trick disable and re-enable ssl did not work

Ask Infinityfree for assistance on this. Cloudflare can provide an Origin Certificate if your host will allow you to install it there. Then you can have a secure site.

a big thanks for tour reply, i will communicate with them and i will be back

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