My Website SSL is not working

Hello Cloudflare Team,

After setup the Cloudflare account, my website SSL is not working. I have also created an origin certificate for my domain and installed it on the server for my website. But not working. Can you please help me? This is the website

Here is setting screenshot.

That’s the correct setting and you have a secure setup, however your site seems to be loading just fine.


If you get a certificate warning that will be because you are still connecting to your actual server and not the proxies (DNS propagation) and you’d need to flush your resolvers DNS cache. Maybe reboot your router.

How i can reboot DNS cache? Can you please explain me or I need wait more time?

Post a screenshot of what you get.

But again, your site loads and resolves just fine →

Thank you for your help. Now the site is working fine.

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