My Website Slowed down significatly after move from staging static IP to domain name resolution

Hi guys. I’m new here and need some help form you veterans pretty please.

I recently move my website from staging static ip address to cloudflare domain registrar.

The hosting has NOT changed, no other changes have been made except few caching tweaks to speed the page painting.

20 or 30 speeds test i’ve done on static ip on gtmatrix showed anywhere between 1.0 -2.9 at most which is good, not ideal for 457kb website but it was reasonable and had room for improvement.
BTW even my static ip was pointing to dns of cloudflare and had CDN enabled. All good.

However after i’ve moved to domain registrar at cloudflare, also dns and cdn on cloudflare my website has slowed down terribly anywhere from 7-33 sec which is completely unacceptable for painting 457kb of website content that is one page and one contact page.

Something is very wrong here and it seems it is CDN or cache not working on Cloudflare.
I’ve purged everything from in cloudflare console to reflect changes i’ve made to the website.
Waited 24 hrs. I’ll wait 72 hrs but the number of posts of performance here tells it’s not that.

I have not done any minification cause when i tried it seems to break my website and actually slow it down. Have not tried yet Cloudflare CDN minification yet.

My website

Here are few gtmatrix results.

Static ip from Vancouver, Canada -1.3 sec paint

Static ip from London, UK - 2.0 secs paint

Static ip from Dallas, USA - 2.0 secs paint

First test from Sao Paulo, Brazil - 33sec.
So when i lookup the time dns lookup was 1.2 sec, SSL was 162ms…all reasonable for first time.

London, Uk test 32 secs

Pingdowm from Washington also terrible 27 secs

The google PageInsight page speed test is 67, D grade with speed index of 17.6 secs.

I am attaching screenshot of ALL my page speed test from gtmatrix to show contrast in paint speed.

I’ve went out of my to implement this solution of caching with cloudflare CDN plugin as well. No other cdn just cloudflare

There is tons of slow website speed searches here at cloudflare forum so what is solution resolve this?
I wanted to get my tiny 458kb website get under 1 second. That was the goal but 33secs is just unbearable.

What do i need to do to fix this cause there is something terribly wrong here?

If it’s something that i’m not doing or doing wrong please let me know. What bugs me is that on static ip it was good, now it’s bad and i wanted to go to excellent so this is frustrating. Thank you in advance.

Looking at WebPageTest results, it seems that Cloudflare is working well with respect to caching:

I see the same sort of results in the waterfall that you posted, just don’t have a repeat request there to look at.

The problem is that first, uncached request. At some point in the waterfall, subrequests start taking a long, long time to respond. I would have to experiment to understand what is going on, to be honest. My first thought is that the origin has some sort of rate limiting in effect, though that doesn’t make a huge amount of sense.

Rob thanks for the feedback. I’ve implemented rocket loader from cloudflare console and that seems to be effective and reduces a load time. I’ve read that that rocket loader breaks some website but so far my website is all good, no issues with it. In fact load of JS has improved 10 fold from like 200ms per 1 script to 20ms for 1 script. I’ve also went ahead and minified JS and CSS. I had 22 and down to 10 now so another thing i did. No issues so far with site. I think i’m done with minification as anything more will probably break the site. One outstanding issue still to tweak is load of google font, it takes about 200-600ms. I would like to reduce that to around 50-100ms so at some point i will look into that as well.

So i would like the first download to be around 2 seconds and from what i’ve tested 2nd, 3rd runs they load 0.6-1sec which was my goal. The site is tiny 460kb so that shouldn’t be an issue at all. I just did test from Chicago and basically that’s where i want Cloudflare to allocate the cache at. Hopefully that test placed cache somewhere in Chicago so any other user will get my site from that location in Chicago. That website you posted is great as it has more locations and does 3 runs. Thanks for the link. Me now running this test from some Chicago location probably just placed the cache here in Chicago which means hopefully it now will be much faster from ANY Chicago user. That’s the hope at least. I will repeat this test few times at different time of the week so make sure that CDN propagates to Chicago center somewhere. You helped me out just by posting that link hehe.

BTW…i think CDN propagation to Chicago location worked as NOW i’m getting 1.77 secs first view which i think it means it means cache was placed already or it’s using the cache at this time.
At some point when everything i work out with website, i will change TTL for browser to like a month or week.

1st test shows 8.7 secs. I don’t know if there is a way to fix first paint.

2nd test shows 1.77 secs for first paint, it appears CDN is already working at Chicago location. Will need to test more to make sure that’s the case. Goal is 1 second load time for tiny website like that.

If anyone has some tips, i would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

So i spoke too soon. It appears first test is always 8-10 seconds and it’s IP bases so if same ip retests then that’s a cached test which then is 1.2 - 1.7 secs. I don’t know if CDN is working actually. More testing i will need to do from same city, 3 days from now as that’s TTL time i set in cloudflare console for the browser.

First paint from Vancouver, Canada 10.4 secs

First paint from Toronto, Canada - 8.7 secs

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