My Website shows only hieroglyphics


I installed Cloudflare on Wordpress and adjusted everything as required. Now my website only shows strange signs. What have I done wrong? wk



Habe eben Cloudflare installiert und nun werden nur eiganrtige Zeichen angezeigt. Weiss Jemand wo das Problem liegt?


I uninstalled cloudflare, deleted my domain and reset my nameservers. But the problem still exists.

I see it’s still displaying incorrectly while you’re not using Cloudflare. So this is not a Cloudflare issue. Once you get it working on your server, it will work properly when you reactivate Cloudflare.

The problem has appeared with the installation of Cloudflare. But does not disappear after the deactivate? So what happened to my website??? The Registrator Support can’t help me, write with them since 4h. We reset the whole server, without success. The problem must be Cloudflare. Is my domain still stored somewhere and will be forwarded to this strange page?

The website is working again. It was a plugin.

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