My website shows a white blank page with URL index extension

My website is showing a white blank page and the url links out to an “index” extension.
No images, No pictures, No sales.
It was built on wordpress.

Any help is very much appreciated.

A number of key elements of your site are not found and returning 404. Check with your web host.

Hi I contacted Host Monster first they stated it is a cloudflare issue.

Have you paused Cloudflare yet to see if Host Monster is wrong?

Hi I paused Cloudflare for 5 min as instructed, but the page remains the same. i called Hostmonster and they are trying to trouble shoot but can’t figure it out. Do you think it has anything to do with free plan for cloudflare? I’ve been on the free plan for over seven years with no problems. I wonder if there was an impact change to encourage upgrading.

You will need to pause for more than 5 minutes. Pause it until you and your host fix your site.

No. It definitely does not.

Issue resolved. I paused Cloudflare and got HM to own up to fixing the issue. The site came back up today but only partially. I am told that the WordPress theme not compatible with PHP 8.2. so downgraded PHP to 7.4. Now seeking website developer to redo the entire site.

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