My website shown not found

Hello everyone, my ex colleague helped my company to create a website 8 years ago and we bought the domain and host from Godaddy. 4 years ago, the website has shut down and I have asked my friend to help me to back up the data and fixed it.

Today I just discovered my website has been down again and it shows This page can’t be found

No web page was found for the web address: HTTP ERROR 404

I have talked to the technical support in Godaddy and they said our host is not in Godaddy and they only provide domain name and SSL services. They said our host is in Cloudflare which i have no idea about it. I have asked my ex colleague and my friend and they said they haven’t used any services in Cloudflare.

I don’t know what I can do now to restore my website.


Your site does not use Cloudflare itself…

…but is another one of those that uses a Godaddy IP address for the website, where that IP address is in Cloudflare AS209242. I’ve not seen confirmation but this is likely due to Godaddy using Cloudflare to anycast that address space or protect it.

Whatever the reason, your website is on Godaddy.

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