My website show server error daily for few minute

My website is It shows server error daily for few minute. When iIcontact my hosting, They reply that everything is working fine now.
Is it a hosting problem or Cloudflare.

Can you check your server logs? What error is it showing?

It really depends on what the error is… What error code? And what does
the page look like?

Sorry i don’t reply earlier. I have a screenshot, While it was showing error.
Here it is.


The 520 error is essentially a “catch-all” response for when the origin server returns something unexpected or something that is not tolerated/interpreted (protocol violation or empty response).

While the 520 error can be triggered by very unique and strange edge-case scenarios, they are generally caused by:

Connection resets (following a successful TCP handshake)
Headers exceed Cloudflare’s header size limit (over 8kb)
Empty response from origin
Invalid HTTP response
HTTP response missing response headers

Do you have access directly to the server via SSH or webserver logs via your admin panel?
Does this happen every day at the same time or periodically every n hours?

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