My website show Error 1016 Origin DNS error

My host in ‘siteground’ and
use cloudflare CDN and
domains move from google to cloudflare

But website always show Error 1016 Origin DNS error :frowning:
My DNS status :

Has anyone encountered this situation? :frowning:

You’re using Cloudflare DNS, but your screenshot is of SiteGround DNS. A 1016 means that the IP address you have in the Cloudflare DNS “A” record for your domain is invalid. It should be that 35. address from your screenshot.

Thanks for reply :+1:

Because new users can only upload one picture, it may make you misunderstand

Cloudflare show DNS need to siteground change

But siteground DNS Set up, website still show Error 1016 Origin DNS error :disappointed_relieved:

That doesn’t look right. Usually, if it’s a partner hosted zone, WHOIS will show Siteground’s DNS servers. But it doesn’t. It’s showing Cloudflare DNS. Even more mysterious is that your domain registrar is Cloudflare. So it’s very unlikely your DNS is hosted at Siteground. Well, I know it isn’t. Can you click Overview for your domain and check the registrar? (picture below)

Registrar Domains for Cloudflare, DNS provider is Cloudflare,
How can edit A record & NameServer ?

I need set A record or NameServer to my host,
But CloudflareConsole Can’t find DNS Zone Editor …:disappointed_relieved:

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yes, my domain registrar is Cloudflare,

and i can’t find DNS Zone Editor in CloudflareConsole,
so I don’t know how to connect the domain to the host … :disappointed_relieved:

Open a ticket. I’d love to hear what the solution is.

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

ok, thanks so much :slightly_smiling_face:

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