My website show different page for desktop and mobile how can i cache the mobile layout

my website has 2 different pages for desktop and mobile. The desktop view and mobile view are completely different. I want Cloudflare to cache mobile view so that it load faster in mobile. Currently it is taking 30s to load in Mobile device .
please help me to solve this problem.
I’m planning to upgrade to Cloudflare pro

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What’s the domain?

Your mobile view is just a responsive version of the desktop view.

In other words, all the same resources are loading, but displayed differently, depending on device.

And that is over 200 resources weighing in at over 4 Megs. Only about ten of them go through Cloudflare.

I suggest you look into site optimization using tools like,,

Sir its not the responsive version of desktop only the first slider is same and rest all are different.
it is the mobile layout which is offered by Revo theme.
if you had checked it in chrome using inspect option, only after you press reload it shows the real page. You can check in Mobile it shows different layout. it is not a responsive version of desktop

most of the traffic i get from mobile users so i want to cache mobile home page so that it load fast . and the user don’t abandon before the page load.
please help me to solve this problem

Thats… not good. You should not have two different pages based on device for the same url.
You can cache pages but you can’t control whether the desktop or mobile version gets cached.

Your best bet is to dump the mobile site. Work on your responsive site. Get it lean and mean.

A second idea, still not ideal, is to use a different domain or subdomain for mobile. Such as: or

It came with the revo theme .where there is option to enable mobile layout.
Is there any way if I upgrade it to cloudflare pro.? To cache it

No, you cannot cache two versions of the same url. I recommend you use an AMP plugin. That will give a different url for mobile-only. Then, you can cache all urls.

hello sir , is the page mobile redirected for So can i cache this page to speed up the page load?
how to cache in cloudflare?
can you help me with this please

Yes you can. Create a page rule for that directory:

Well you can on the Enterprise plan or by writing a custom worker.

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