My website seems can't be load after adding cloudflare

hello all my website seems can’t be open after i adding the Cloudflare. First it work only at desktop site but not on mobile site but the next day all seems broken and can’t be load. When i contact my hosting provider they say it because my site redirecting to many time so they tell me to change my ssl setting to strict. then i already change it in my ssl seting it work just a while but still problem with mobile site but now it can’t even load just crash immediately when i open.

then i try to revert all my setting and turn off the ssl and all my page rules to enfore https but it still seems to be broken. can anybody pls help me about my issue because this error hurt my site seo

Yep, it’s caught in a redirect loop.

I suspect you’re running Wordpress, as this happens frequently. If so, add these lines to your wp-config.php file:

define( 'WP_HOME', '' );
define( 'WP_SITEURL', '' );

hello i already put the script as you say in wp-config.php but it still not work

can you pls help me again sir

Then something else on your server is redirecting to HTTP. It could be something in .htaccess, or something in your hosting setup.

Now that you’ve set SSL to Full (Strict) as your hosting provider suggested, ask them if they can track down what’s causing the redirect.

thanks for helping me again, i already contacting the hosting provider and they tell me my website seems to be ok when he try bypassing Cloudflare dns. so the problem is from Cloudflare dns right so they tell me should contact the Cloudflare support.

can you help me what should i do because whether i change back the ssl to full strict or change it to off or change to flexible it still not working. so should i just change the dns and not using Cloudflare or there is some think you can tell me to fix this sir

thank you

Seems to be trying to redirect to HTTP for me

$ curl -v
< location:

Maybe try setting it back to Flexible SSL?

i already trying it all the flexible, full strict or setting with the force https page rules but nothing seem to be good.
did you know how to revert it back to normal sir

Seems to be working for me now - with HTTPS working correctly. After you change settings it can take about a minute for your closest datacenter to get the setting update.

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thanks sir i try to revert it back with full strict ssl and try to redirect any http to https now it seem working fine and working good to load thank you so much sir

hello can anybody help me again because now my site already load fine but when opening other page of my site it show me 404 why this is happening sir or mrs?

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