My website says that can't find IP

Hello there, I just put my site on Cloudflare and I changed the name servers in Dynadot, but after checking my site doesn’t show.

What is your domain? . I delete the site from Cloudflare now.

Your website works perfectly over https so it is easy to add it to Cloudflare (CF). You need to move the DNS servers to CF (the pair provided to you like and CF will add NS records automatically for you. Then you need to be patient since it takes couple of hours for new NS records to propagate.

Just in case

In case automatic NS records are not correct here is the minimum you need:

A @

Okay thanks I will add it now. For A records only to add this IP adress right?

Usually Cloudflare will add them automatically for you so you don’t need to add them manually. If anything went wrong come back here and we will sort it out.

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Okay thank you. I will wait 24 hours. Have a nice day

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