My website says SSL certificate is invalid

Hi all,

I’ve followed the guide on setting up SSL for my website which I completed without any problems and have also installed the Flexible SSL plugin on my website, but I’m still not getting a green padlock. Not sure where I have went wrong! Any help would be appreciated.

That would indicate you dont have a valid certificate on your server. You still need that in order to have a secure site. First configure a valid certificate on your server and then address whatever issue you might still have.

Whats your domain?

My domain is In my Cloudflare it says the following

Flexible is a bad choice.

Switch that to “Full strict” and make sure you have a certificate on your server.

From what I get the ssl cert that is set on your server is not for your domain name.
The certificate is only valid for the following names: *,

To add to @Jake1st’s comment, your site isn’t going through Cloudflare. It’s not even using Cloudflare’s name servers.

And from what Jake said, if there is a certificate there, even if it’s incorrect, you can use Full (not strict) once you get your site on Cloudflare.

Sorry, this information is not really correct. When you use Cloudflare, you need a certificate on the server for the connection to be secure and to set your SSL mode to Full or better, Full (strict).


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