My website says its active , but Not Showing on Internet

Yes, I am not seeing my website on the internet, but Cloudflare is saying it’s active. I need to change my Https to HTTP but don’t know how.

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What is the domain of your website so we can check? Are you receiving any error codes?

What do you mean by this? What information is leading you to believe this is what you need to do?

Hi Erisa, I was told this through the diagnostic test for my site. It’s not honoring the SSL I bought from Cloudflare but Cloudflare says it is active. I’ve left 2 tickets for technical support but No word.

My domain is phonegallaria

If I assume you mean, I get a Managed Challenge and then it reported Error 523 Origin is Unreachable.

The relevant tutorial for this error would be:

Essentially this means that Cloudflare is unable to connect to your configured web server, either over port 443 if you have Full SSL setting or port 80 if you have Flexible SSL setting.
And if you do have Flexible configured, I strongly recommend not using it:

I would make sure the web server is listening on port 443 with a valid SSL certificate and that the SSL mode is set to “Full (Strict)” and try again. You can read the two articles above for more information.

It’s already on full SSL setting been on that, and name servers are correct also.

Thank you for the information.

This error 523 means that Cloudflare is unable to connect your webserver configured by the DNS records for the domain. I would recommend checking the webserver connection, making sure it is accessible and that Cloudflare can reach it.

As a debugging step you may also want to select the option to “Pause Cloudflare” or set your DNS records from Proxied to DNS-only, and then check again whether the website loads (After purging relevant DNS cache or trying on a different network). If it still does not load, then there is a problem with the configured webserver in the DNS for the domain. If it works after pausing, then there is an issue in the connection between Cloudflare and that webserver.

And where do i do that at?

After selecting your domain, at the bottom of the right hand side menu:

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So I’ve put my CNAME record in and also put it in as the Root domain is that correct? And so I just pause Cloudflare then try, and then try not pausing then try?

I also have it set to Developmental Mode.

After pausing Cloudflare it is taking too long to load so it is Not showing at all.

Enabled Cloudflare again and it takes too long to respond, in turn, No website is seen.

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