My website says connection not secure

Hello, community.

My website was working fine a couple hours ago. Now the page is not working fine as I got an error: Connection not secure. My domain is active and I do not see anything “pending”.

I need some help here.

Thanks in advanced.



Thank you for asking.

May I ask you to post and share your domain name in bracketed dot [.] notation here and URL example with us so we could double-check, troubleshoot and provide some feedback information? :thinking:

Before moving to Cloudflare, was your Website working over HTTPS connection?

May I ask what SSL option have you got selected under the SSL/TLS tab at Cloudflare dashboard for your domain ( Flexible, Full, Full Strict … )?

May I ask have you tried using a different Web browser, or tried clearing your Web browser cache?
How about using a Private window (Incognito mode) or a VPN connection if possible?
Is it the same behaviour on your mobile phone (4G LTE, mobile data, cellular)?

“https:// www. palitest. com. do”

My website was working a few hours ago. I did not make any change. I have tried Chrome, Firefox, Private browsing and is not working.

I have Flexible option

At first sight, the CSS wasn’t loaded.

However, in the meantime, while checking again, works fine from my end :thinking:

Would be the reason why I experienced some issues with propperly not loading resources such as CSS, scripts and images.

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