My website responds with another website

Good morning,

When I access the site from some IP addresses it tries to access a site that says “Your new web server is ready to use.” this is not my site.
This is a very serious security problem on Cloudflare’s part.

If I access from other IPs the site loads correctly.

If I run a PING to I get the IP from the failed machine.
If I enter https:// it redirects me to http://.
It’s not my configuration!

If I run a PING to I get the IP from a working computer.

Some of my users find a different page! How can they trust us?
This is very alarming

Your site is proxied…

…so if you are pinging the hostname and returning an IP address that is not a Cloudflare one (in this case it belongs to OVH) then the issue is at that connection, not with Cloudflare.

Either it has cached the old (pre-Cloudflare) IP address of your site (maybe you paused Cloudflare or set your records to “DNS only” for a short period), has a setting that is overriding or intercepting the DNS request or there is a problem with the resolver in use there. You need to find out what is going on at that user.