My website respond error on Windows XP with old Chrome

Hi Community!

After I’ve connected Cloudflare my website stop working on some old PCs especially on Windows XP.
Chrome 49.0.2623.112
Operation System Version NT 5.1
I have a lot of clients with old PCs and I dont know how to fix it. Can you please assist?

Many thanks!

I bet this is an SNI issue when using HTTPS. Before you set up Cloudflare, were you using HTTPS?


Yes! I used HTTPS before Cloudflare installation. Any other ideas?

So it most likely is an SNI issue. Most Cloudflare certificates require SNI-compatible browsers. You’d have to check with Support for ways to fix this. There was a long discussion in another thread that wasn’t able to resolve an SNI issue:

Hmmm… I’ll check! Thanks a lot!

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I’ve upgraded to the PRO plan and here is still the issue

Can you please assist what can I do?

What is your TLS version set to in CF?

Here is my TLS settings

Hi all! I have the same issue with SSL when my website doesn’t work on (Chrome) Windows XP. I’ve already read all your thoughts and as far as I understand there is no solution to fix, right?
Please assist.

As far as I know the Business plan supports it, but can’t really confirm and the support for SNI is extremely high.

Also Chrome on XP supports SNI if updated.

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