My website redirects to another site after updating proxy and DNS settings

My website redirects to another site after updating proxy and DNS settings

Emails from Flywheel prompted me to update my sites DNS settings for an upgrade. I tried to do this in Cloudflare, and after making changes to the DNS settings, my site began redirecting to another website and became unsecure. Even after I changed all the settings back to what they previously were, this is still happening.

I initially went to the DNS settings in Cloudflare and updated the IP address to the new one indicated by Flywheel. I also made all records proxied at CloudFlares recommendation.
At this point I noticed that the website is redirecting to a different one. I checked the URL using DNS Checker, which shows that their IP is the same as my websites dedicated IP.

Flywheel’s tech support recommended that I change everything to their new IP, which I did. They then told me that they aren’t seeing the new IP propagate out.

I’m sure this question is not unique but alas I need to post it before Cloudflare’s support will communicate directly with me about it. Thank you.


Thank you for asking.

Were you using some kind of a hosting provider before those changes were made, which might have implemented Cloudflare for your domain name as a SaaS feature, like WPEngine, Kinsta, eZoic, etc.? :thinking:

Yes, the registrar is Hover, content is hosted on Site5 (I think), and Cloudflare was recently added as a feature some time ago…As well as Flywheel having some involvement. I’m not entirely sure how the four work together, however, the tech support from Flywheel said my nameservers were coming from Cloudflare, so theyre the ones with control of the DNS settings, most likely. Thanks for your help

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