My Website Redirecting to Advertising sites Automatically

I have a website Last couple of months it’s being redirected to random advertising sites. It is very daunting & frustrating. I have checked my website , malware scanned through Wordfence WP Plugins and also from sucuri website checker. But didn’t find any harmful /malware. Still it is being redirected to random Advertising sites. After clearing Purge cache it loads up. After few hours /days it acts the same ,it’s very ridiculous. I have Audio Software website for this reason I am losing my clients and new customers. Please help me. I have tried page rules too but didn’t work. Please fix my problem.

Pause cloudflare How do I temporarily disable Cloudflare? in your domain dashboard, wait 10 minutes and see if it persists.

Thank you for the reply.

Yup. It loads up my website again. But is there anyway to permanently fix the issue? Because it’s not possible to examine my website 24x7 whether it’s working or not. Kindly can you suggest me any permanent solution? Any why this is happening?

Please check Page Rules.

If your site is hosted at GoDaddy with an IP address that ends with a .1, it’s redirecting to HTTPS, but doesn’t have an SSL certificate on the server. Because of this, I am unable to test your site for this problem.

Do I need to have SSL certificate at Godaddy? I have created SSL certificate at Cloudflare. If you need any info do let me know. Please check and help me.

Absolutely. You need that to fully secure your site. Cloudflare has free origin certificates you can install for proxied websites:

What I am saying? After clearing Cache it solves after few hours it goes wrong again. I tried Page Rules didn’t work.

Godaddy SSL is very costly. For FREE SSL I created SSL here. If I purchase SSL from GD do I need Cloudflare SSL too?

Absolutely, but not necessarily from GoDaddy.

You can install Cloudflare Origin SSL certificate manually at your host control panel. Then enable Full strict SSL at Cloudflare dashboard.


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