My website problem (this page isn’t working)

Hello there,

i need your help since my website right now is not working. I cant login to wp admin and the notification said that This page isn’t working redirected you too many times.


Before I open this topic, I read a few thread which similar with my issue, one of them is this one: My website probleme (this page isn't working)

I did what they said but then still doesn’t work.

I hope someone will answer and guide me.


Do you have a certificate on your server? If not, first make sure you have proper HTTPS support on your server.

I dont think so since my host said we are using CF SSL but let me check first and get back to you asap. TQVM

I am afraid there is no such thing. If you only have the certificate issued by Cloudflare, only their servers are secure, yours still is not. You need a certificate for that too.

A missing certificate is typically the issu for the problem you are experiencing.

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