My website posts is not showing on google index even after adding my website name in the keyword

My blogspot website running on custom domain (managed by cloudflare) stops showing my posts in google index even after adding my sitename inside the keyword, I want to know the cause of the problem and possible solution.

  • I have followed SEO tips to distinct lenght

  • have checked my website for manual action

  • have submited sitemap

  • the website is 6 months old

  • I have 70 external links

  • Domain is managed by cloudflare

my URL

This is just NOT related to CloudFlare. Just becasue (you think) the Domain is managed by CloudFlare.

as you bypass CloudFlare its just the DNS you are using from CloudFlare.
For SEO things please search for a SEO-Expert, but this forum is the wrong place to ask for something like this.

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