My Website payment gateway error

after uploading my new website. everything is working well except the payment gateway here is the error i get

Can you post a screenshot of the error? The formatted text didn’t come through too well.

ok thank you

Looks like your payment gateway is getting the CAPTCHA. Do they have IP addresses you can whitelist in the Firewall settings page?

i will like to be helped on this as am new to this system.

Yes, please contact the Cloudflare support and provide your IP address, and resquest them to unblock it, so that this will fix the issue.

As often as Payment Gateway errors show up here, I still don’t quite understand the process.

My understanding (and it may be incorrect) is an outside payment processor is trying to reach part of your website, and is failing. This makes sense to me, as Cloudflare seems to be blocking inbound requests.

But your screenshot implies that your website is trying to connect to itself. If this is the case, your web server’s IP address should already be in the Whitelist in Firewall -> Tools. Is it?

Just added it to whitelist

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